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Caplon Nylon 6 - A Versatile Engineering Plastic

Many Engineering Plastics & Blends are available in world today but still over more than 70 years, Nylon-6 has maintained an impressive track record as a versatile, competitive material with a wide & increasing range of applications. Nylon-6 exhibits a combination of high stiffness & strength at elevated temperatures with toughness at low temperatures, resulting amongst others in high fatigue resistance and extremely good welding behaviour. On top of that, Nylon-6(like all polyamide) is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and allows much design freedom and the performance/price ratio is very competitive.

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Features of Caplon Nylon-6

  • Nylon-6(CAPLON) applied as Engineering Plastic combines many important advantages:
  • Good balance of mechanical properties
  • Excellent heat resistance for short period due to high M.P. of 220 degree Celsius
  • High chemical & Oil resistance
  • High impact strength specially at sub zero temperatures
  • Excellent flow & Fast cycle properties without moulding defects
  • High anti-abrasion
  • Excellent impact strength and flexural modules in Glass-fiber reinforced grades
  • Excellent fatigue resistance behaviour
  • High stiffness and strength at temperature above 100 degree Celsius
  • Weight reduction compared to metal
  • Lower energy and overall production costs
  • Attractive surface appearance
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Applications of Caplon Nylon-6

Various exterior compounds are also made of Nylon-6 & its blends as given below:

  • Cylinder head Covers
  • Fuel Strainers
  • Radiator Fan
  • Wheel Cover & hub
  • Grill Aprons
  • Handle Knobs for window regulators
  • Fasteners, Clips & Connectors
  • Fuse Boxes
  • Scooter Nose & Handle top
  • Relay switches Assembly
  • AC shroud
  • Sun Visor brackets & holders
  • Power steering oil reservoirs
  • Timing belt covers
  • Air bag housings
  • Gearbox Consoles
  • Air ducts
  • Headrest support

Electrical/Electronic Industry:

Nylon-6 resin & its compounds with FR additives(Halogenated & Non-halogenated) are having quite good electrical properties like Di-Electric strength, tracking resistance & flame retardant properties(as per UL standards) therefore used in many electrical & electronic applications like:

  • MCB Housing
  • Terminal block
  • Connectors
  • Coil bobbins
  • Stabilizer boxes for Desk lamps
  • Plastic magnets
  • Modular switch parts
  • Telephone/Exchange parts
  • Power Capacitor Housing
  • Switch cases

As the humidity level increases & also temperature increases, there is decrease in electrical & insulation properties of Nylon-6, however they are widely used for low temperature frequency applications.

Engineering/Textile & Other Applications:

Nylon-6 is having superior mechanical properties & in various applications metal is replaced by Nylon-6 & its compounds. Higher abrasion resistance, low friction coefficients, high impact is making it worthwhile in many engineering & textile applications:

  • Power tool Housing
  • Castors
  • Impeller fans
  • Chain Saws
  • Harvesters (Plow teeth)
  • Portable Stitching machine
  • Bobbins
  • Picker bush bobbins
  • Drive Pulley
  • Outboard motor engine covers
  • Gear, bushes & rods
  • Water meter casing
  • Yarn separators
  • Shuttles & Ring traveler

Nylon-6 is also used extensively in domestic appliances, household items & construction. Some of major applications are listed below:

  • Fishing reels & nets
  • Floor brushes
  • Baby Carriage parts
  • Room freshener containers
  • Eyeglass frames
  • Luggage handles & wheels
  • Cigarette lighter casing
  • Bristles for brushes
  • Cooker & utensil handles
  • Shoe soles
  • Door handles
  • Buttons
  • Gas regulators
  • Cable ties
  • Packaging films (Biaxially oriented & multilayer films)
  • Floor adjusters
  • Agricultural chemical bottles
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Extrusion Moulding of Caplon Nylon-6

Nylon-6 of higher R.V. 3.0-3.5 is suitable for extrusion moulding of rods, monofilament, profiles, tubing & many more applications. For extrusion moulding generally a temperature of 30-40 degree Celsius above melting point is maintained. Care should be taken to control moisture of Nylon-6(CAPLON) below 0.1 %( 1000 PPM). If more moisture is present while moulding, then extruded parts may contain bubbles & result in degradation of mechanical properties. Residual monomer content also should be as low as possible to maintain desired melt viscosity. The residual time inside the extruder must be maintained and die without any dead space should be used.


Cylinder & die temperature should be maintained as given below:



A. Feed Zone 200-300 Degree Celsius
B. Melting Zone 250-270 Degree Celsius
C. Metering Zone 230-260 Degree Celsius
D. Die Temp. 240-260 Degree Celsius
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Properties Of Caplon Nylon-6

Impact Resistance:

Nylon-6 is used in high performance applications due to its superior mechanical strength specially impact strength. In high speed machinery & also in many industrial applications metal parts are replaced by Nylon-6 due to light weight & thin/compact features. Nylon-6 is a tough resin and it is unique that its impact strength can go up multifold due to reinforcement say by glass fiber/special minerals & many other materials. Impact strength can also be enhanced of moulded parts by hot water annealing for 3-4 hrs to accelerate the process pf water absorption. Even at temperature conditions below 0 degree Celsius the notched and unnotched impact resistance of “CAPLON” Nylon-6 remains at high level.

Oil Resistance:

For automotive components, the usage of Nylon-6 resin is widely used due to its excellent resistance to oil & Gasoline.

Heat Resistance:

One major feature of Nylon-6 is very precise or sharp melting point. At temperature below melting point, material is solid & temperature above melting point, material becomes highly fluid in nature. The high melting point 220 degree Celsius makes Nylon-6 suitable for high temperature applications. For short exposure, it can work up to 140-160 degree Celsius range, however for long period exposure it can work safely up to 100 degree Celsius. Addition of various stabilizing agents & reinforcing material, Nylon-6 displays a higher heat distortion temperature and delivers a long service life.

Abrasion Resistance:

Superior resistance to abrasion is must in material used in machine moving parts like bearings, gears, sliding parts & rods. Nylon-6 got excellent abrasion resistance & is widely used in moving machine parts.

Weather Resistance:

Although Nylon-6 resin are used in exterior applications & have good weatherability however direct exposure of sun rays or ultraviolet rays affect mechanical properties like tensile strength & break strain. Thus incorporation of various additives & even carbon black pigment gives improvement in weather resistance of Nylon-6.

Solvent & Chemical Resistance:

The special molecular chain that Nylon-6 is composed exhibits a good resistance to aliphatic & aromatic hydrocarbons, to Ketones, to Esters, to Alcohols & to organic acids with exception of formic acid. They have limited resistance to strong acids, phenols & metal chlorides. Chemical Resistance of a crystalline material is generally little higher than that which corresponds to the amorphous product.

Adherence & Moldability:

The complicated injection molded or extruded parts can be fused together or bonded together to make final assembled product by ultrasonic welding or vibration welding.

Due to superior physical, chemical & rheological properties, Nylon-6 is having excellent moulding & extrusion capabilities & covers a wide spectrum of complicated parts in various shapes.

Flammability & Electrical Properties:

“CAPLON” Nylon-6 products exhibits high level of electrical properties like CTR(Comparative tracking resistance), Dielectric strength & also surface/volume resistivity. The Electrical properties vary with temperature, humidity & also with specific grades. However it fulfills critical application requirements. Therefore Nylon-6 is widely used in all type of connectors, MCB housing & switches, bobbins & many other applications of Electrical/Electronic appliances & systems.

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